Executive Director Notes

What does “Service” mean in “Northwest Indiana Educational Service Center”?  Service to you is our #1 priority!  Our staff believes and practices that each member is a valued partner.  We believe that we must focus on the following every day:  

- Innovating for you
- Collaborating with you
- Supporting you
- Serving you

These four concepts are a part of one of our new logos!  Check them out above.

We have services in Cooperative Purchasing, Food Service, Technology Integration, Professional Learning, and Media.  We pride ourselves in assisting you.  Never hesitate to contact anyone on our staff for assistance.

Our staff includes:

Dr. Don Harman, Executive Director
Mrs. Lisa Abell, Assistant Director-Director of Cooperative Purchasing
Dr. Colleen Wruble, Director of Food Services

Mrs. Sara Williams, Director of Food Services
Mrs. Kaylyn MacKillop, Contracted Dietitian
Mrs. Darlene Kennedy, Director of Technology Integration
Dr. Michelle Grewe, Director of Professional Learning
Mrs. Grace Nyhuis, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Tara White, Contracted Director of Media

We are here to assist you in any way possible.  Do not hesitate to contact any of the above individuals. You can email them by hovering over their names.

~Dr. Don Harman

Cooperative Purchasing

If you have heard of the above two online procurement sites, they are actually one in the same. SpendBridge is the operating platform for our K12Indiana online procurement site. As a member, you have access to the portal via a simple set-up of a login, that consists of your email address, and a password. All of the contracts have been bid to meet the state of Indiana procurement guidelines for cooperative purchasing. Contact Lisa Abell for an account or the select button below for more information.
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Food Service

  • The Annual Financial Report (AFR) WAS due August 29, 2021
  • Don't forget to fill out your Waivers for milk and whole grain
  • Update your Wellness Policy
  • Run your Direct Certification List-
    Verification Starts October 1
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Water Availability
Potable water is required to be made available to students during meal services when served onsite.  This would include lunch in the cafeteria, classroom, or elsewhere on the school campus and breakfast in the cafeteria.  Potable water is not considered part of the reimbursable meal, and students are not required to take water.  Reimbursement for water should not be claimed, as there is no separate funding available for this provision.    Reasonable costs associated with providing potable water during meal services would be an allowable cost to the nonprofit food service account.
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School Nutrition Association
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Food Safety Training

In need of food safety certification or recertification? ServSafe® training and exam October 7, 2021 at Rochester Community School Corporation, Rochester, IN.

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Technology Integration

Learn the skills required to safeguard and control security within your Google for Education environment.  This course covers domain-level settings and best practices...
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Data Exchange /State Reporting Study Council

If you are responsible for school data & state reporting for your district, be sure to get in on the newly developed Data Exchange / State Reporting Study Council monthly meetings that will be held virtually for NWIESC Members.  We will discuss important topics and allow round table discussions so you get your questions answered.  Email contact information to dkennedy@niesc.k12.in.us

Basic Level Training is the initial training required to become a certified School Safety Specialist. This school year, Basic Training will be completed in a virtual format. Information on accessing the virtual platform will be sent to participants following registration. Registration forms for enrollment in our Basic Training Group 23 cadre are below.
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Professional Learning


The Professional Learning services provided by NWIESC are based on the overarching concept of aligning the many moving pieces related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment and finding clarity about what is effective. Our schools are identifying curricular gaps, overlaps, and inefficiencies, vertically and horizontally, as they work towards a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Much is being done to develop collective efficacy among staff to increase student achievement. Contact me at mgrewe@niesc.k12.in.us if you want to discuss how NWIESC can work with your leadership team and/or staff. I will provide support to connect the dots through future newsletters, the Curriculum Study Council, and various other forms of communication as well.

~ Dr. Michelle Grewe

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Member Spotlight

Lake Station Community Schools

Kathy Brown

Professional Development 

Data / Instructional Coach

Since 2003, Kathy Brown has spent her time supporting Lake Station Community Schools in and outside of the classroom.  During one of the most technology reliant years in education, Kathy is proud to be part of a team that successfully implemented a 1:1 program for their student's academic success.  Not only did they roll out devices, but they implemented and supported a new LMS, digital tools for the classroom and improved PD registration and PGP certificate distribution processes.

When asked what she finds most rewarding about her job, Kathy responded "Working in the education field is incredibly rewarding.  I really enjoy helping others and working for this community.  I am thankful I am able to provide PD to our teachers, students, staff and families at any time depending on current needs."  

In the future, Kathy dreams to expand current on-demand PD with an improved website that includes short videos and easy-to-follow tutorials!