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Executive Director Notes

One networking method that we prioritize are groups we call study councils. Our study councils can also be known as community of practices, affinity groups, or professional learning communities. One of the main purposes of all of these groups is to bring people together. Below are the study councils that we currently provide. 
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Cybersecurity Planning
Early Literacy
Network Administrator
School Safety
State Reporter/Data Administrator
Technology Director
If you wish to be a part of any of the study councils please contact Don Harman.

Cooperative Purchasing

  • ESC Co-op Contracts 101: Lisa Abell, NIESC & Kelly Taylor, CIESC

  • Cooperative Purchasing State Statute: Jonathan Wineinger & Tanner Huber, SBOA

  • Amazon Contract Overview-Allison Robinson, Amazon

  • Online Purchasing Efficiencies-Tom Jackson, Spendbridge

FREE TO ESC Members! Lunch Included!
Non-ESC Members: $25.00
For questions contact: 

ESC of I Partnerships

These vendors have been vetted by the Educational Service Center Vetting Committee and offer ESC Members discounts on their products and services!

Food Service

October is Farm to School Month. Farm to School is an important initiative that promotes building connections in the cafeteria and classroom to local producers and foods. Indiana has so much to offer our schools agriculturally, and we are proud to showcase that all month long! Celebrate farm to school month with Indiana Apple Crunch highlighting local apples or through Indiana Food Day, which is highlighting local proteins this year. With Farm to School, students win, farmers win, and the community wins! Visit the Farm to School webpage for more information and ideas on how to celebrate this month in your cafeteria's. 

Technology Integration


Member Spotlight

Leigh Barnes
Assistant Superintendent

Leigh Barnes is the Assistant Superintendent at Union Township School Corporation. She has been with the corporation for 15 years in different roles. She was the Guidance Counselor for 5 years, an Elementary Principal for 9 years, and has now been the Assistant Superintendent for a year.

In her current position, Leigh has been working on grants that provide needed professional development in the area of Language Arts as well as STEM integration. Leigh and her team have also been working on developing a systematic approach to utilizing data to inform instruction-this has been a returned focus since Covid. One future goal that she has for the corporation is to create a preschool.

One thing that Leigh loves about her job is being able to work with staff, parents, and the community to collaborate to do what is best for the district educational experience.

In her spare time, Leigh likes to spend time with her family. Together they enjoy going out to dinner and attending school events.

Northwest Indiana Education Service Center
56535 Magnetic Drive
Mishawaka, IN 46545

219-926-5555 | nwiesc.k12.in.us


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