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Executive Director Notes


On Tuesday, June 6th, the Governing Board approved the following corporations to become members:

Hammond Academy of Science and Technology
Portage Township Schools
School Town of Highland 

Their membership will allow them to benefit from the many services and cost savings we provide.

Welcome to NWIESC!

Cooperative Purchasing

When do you use a cooperative agreement?

Not all cooperative agreements are created equal.
Review our top 5 list when looking at utilizing cooperative agreements:
1. Was the contract solicited by a public or a non-profit agency-Educationally based contracts would be more in your best interest. 
2. Was the contract competitively bid?
3. Do you have copies of all of the documents?
4. Was the award consistent with public procurement policies?
5. Are the awarded terms and conditions acceptable?
6. Did the bid contain preferences your entity can’t use?
7. Did the bid have any required preferences your entity can use?
8. If the project involves a grant, are the terms of the grant met in the contract-check for use of federal grants and confirm the vendor is not debarred.
9. Is the award still valid?
10. How many years are left on the award?
11. Are the ordering procedures acceptable?
12. Are the payment procedures acceptable?
13. Is the price good and competitive?
14. Is this a good business decision?
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lisa Abell, Assistant Executive Director/Director of Cooperative Purchasing.

Food Service

Technology Integration

See Leena AI in Action
Tuesday, July 11th 
1pm EST / 12pm CST
HR Staff
Business / Finance
Join us for a 45 minute demo and Q&A session to see how Leena AI layers on top of your systems and behaves as an extension of your departments.
Register for the FREE webinar
Upcoming Webinar
Extending Your Departments with Leena AI  
Leena AI is a digital assistant that utilizes generative AI to transform the employee experience.
In a similar way to using "Siri" or "Alexa" at home- Leena AI puts all school information and tasks at the fingertip of each employee, allowing instant access to the items that are applicable and important to them, as well as allowing transactional requests to be fulfilled in real time without logging into a new system or remembering multiple passwords.
By connecting to all available documents system and school-wide, as well as tying into each technology partner, teachers and school employees will have access to real time answers without having to reach out to administrators or help desk staff.
By attending our Webinar, Leena AI is offering a 25% discount on implementation fees for the State of Indiana.
Visit the website

Professional Learning

Click to Check out the June Edition of Connect-the-Dots

Member Spotlight


Amanda Alaniz


Amanda Alaniz is the Superintendent at Portage Township Schools and has been in that role for nearly seven years. She has been with the corporation for twenty years.

Portage Township Schools was recognized by Marzano's Research Laboratory's High Reliability Schools as a Level One: Safe and Collaborative Culture during the 2021-2022 school year. Each of their 11 schools have also been individually certified. Their district and each individual school are currently completing the rigorous process to become certified in Level Two with a focus on quality instruction in every classroom. They continue to prioritize being a highly reliable school district in order to meet the needs of all students.

For the future, Portage will be finalizing HRS Level Two certification before heading into Level Three with a focus on a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum. Their goals for the future also include an updated strategic plan that focuses on student achievement, fiscal responsibility, a fun and inclusive learning environment, and stakeholder engagement.

As a district, Portage continue to focus on innovative learning spaces that meet the needs of today's learners now and in the future; they want to be the school of choice for families residing within Portage Township. In a day and age where families choose a school district, they want them to be Portage Proud and educate their children where they reside!

We asked Amanda what she finds the most rewarding about her position. She shared, “The opportunity to be even a small part of the educational experience within the school community is the most rewarding part of my job. We focus on continuous improvement and growth in this district. I love to celebrate progress because it truly means so much in the big picture.”

In her spare time, Amanda loves to read. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two daughters.

Northwest Indiana Education Service Center
56535 Magnetic Drive
Mishawaka, IN 46545

574-254-0111 |nwiesc.k12.in.us


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