Executive Director Notes

For the 2021- 2022 school year, the NWIESC staff is reading the book THE ENERGY BUS by Jon Gordon. We are meeting monthly to discuss, reflect, and share thoughts. There are a few key points and statements from the book that I thought I'd share with you: 

  • Every crisis offers an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser; to reach deep within and discover a better you that will create a better outcome.
  • If you are complaining, you can not be thinking about or creating what you do want.
  • Positive energy is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets!
  • The most important asset of an organization is energy.

I encourage you to remain positive, and remember challenges allow for opportunities!


Cooperative Purchasing

Educational Service Centers of Indiana

The ESC of Indiana has worked diligently to develop partnerships with a wide variety of organizations to support the needs of education service centers across the state. By utilizing these agreements, you can be assured the vendors have been vetted and approved by our team of cooperative purchasing experts. Special volume pricing has also been secured!  Some of the vendors are listed here but you can read more below or contact Lisa Abell for detailed information! 

        • 1st Maker Space 
        • Newsella   
        • CatchOn               
        • Project Pals
        • Class                 
        • Zoom

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Food Service


Guidance for Remote Learning

Below is a summary of what you can do to feed students when schools move to remote learning/e-days. The rules for this year operating under SSO (no weekends, no non-school days) are different than last year.
  • Approved school food authority (SFA) sites are able to provide meals to enrolled children for official school days only when in-student schedules change to E-Learning.  If school is closed and there is no e-learning expectation, meals cannot be provided for those days.  Keep in mind that there is no reimbursement for SSO meals served on weekends, holidays or any non-school days.
  • SFAs may distribute up to 5 meals per each meal type, but again, only for school days.  
  • Meals must meet the meal pattern and should reflect the normal menu with variety in mind.
    Providing exactly the same meal for several days in a row is not what USDA expects to see in grab and go meals.
  • The waiver for parent/guardian pick up allows for only the parent or legal guardian to pick up meals, in place of the student.
  • You must maintain a roster and collect names to ensure that meals are going to the student/parent/guardian and meals are not duplicated to the same households.
  • All meals must be marked at the point where the student, parent or guardian receives the meal.
  • Meals cannot be taken in bulk and delivered to non-school sites.
  • Meals cannot be served and claimed retroactively or after a meal service time has passed for a current day.
    • Meals can be distributed for each day or for days going forward, but meals cannot be provided for days that have already passed.  For example, a sponsor cannot pass out meals on Wednesday to cover Monday and Tuesday.
    • If you are passing out meals in the evening hours (after 2 p.m.), it would be assumed that those meals would be for breakfast and lunch the next day since the time period when breakfast and lunch would normally be served has passed.  If you passed the meals out at 11 am, one would assume that lunch would be for today and the breakfast would be for tomorrow.

  • Once you finalize your plan please notify your field specialist so that they can update information we provide to USDA on the number of schools operating using the non-congregate waiver. If this is a temporary change an update to CNPweb is not necessary.

ServSafe Class Opportunities April 22nd and May 3rd
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Technology Integration

What is Insite?
INsite is a consortium of school districts in partnership with and supported by the Indiana University School of Education. The consortium addresses a variety of data-related activities that school districts face, including
  • Data quality and validation processes;
  • Data visualization for use by administrators and teachers;
  • Support for state reporting requirements;
    Negotiation with source system vendors; and
  • Research partnerships with Indiana University faculty.

Recently, INSite and NIESC partnered up to present the growing dashboard and extensive services provided to administrators, student services, and state reporters at our K-12 districts.  If you missed out, use the links below to see the resources and watch the recorded event:

INSITE Webinar 1/27/2022

Copy of SlideDeck

NIESC/NWIESC Pricing through 6/2022



See their website for more info
Take a look at our monthly Tech Newsletter

Technology Directors

With over 50 school districts in Northern Indiana ESC's, we are excited to bring back Tech Director Meetings at our area schools.  Build relationships with tech leaders in area districts to discuss the important topics you face today!  Share resources, vendor references and more.
Next Meeting: Feb. 11 @ 9:30am EST 
 Middlebury Community Schools

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State Reporters

Calling all State Reporters to this newly formed study council that meets virtually every Tuesday morning to discuss the state reports due, error rectification and chat up those who use the same SIS.  Whether you are new to the position or have been around for years, this group has found most value in "I am not the only one who..." 
Next Meeting: Every Tues @ 9:30am EST Virtual

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Network Admins

Join our monthly virtual meetings of area network/systems admins to discuss supporting K-12 campuses large or small.  Work on challenges and solutions that fit your district with like-minded people all in one place.



Next Meeting: Feb. 10th @ 11am EST Virtual

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Professional Learning

Upcoming Professional Learning


NEW High Ability Support

The Educational Service Centers of Indiana are collaborating with IDOE to create systems of support for school personnel who oversee or teach high ability learners. 

The Indiana High Ability Network will provide opportunities to anyone who has a role in identifying, educating, testing, administering programming, or writing grants related to high ability. While some of these supports will be statewide, there will also be avenues for support at the regional level through NIESC and NWIESC.

Join us for our first statewide opportunity from 3-4 p.m. Wednesday, February 9, 2022.


Opt-in Grade 2 IREAD-3

The IDOE is allowing schools to opt-in to administering IREAD 3 to grade 2 students. The flyer below gives the details. Interested? Complete the jotform by Tuesday, March 1.

Opt-in: IREAD 3 Flyer

Recently Released IDOE Documents

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New Curriculum Newsletters

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Member Spotlight


Nathan Williamson

Chief Business Officer

Nathan Williamson is the Chief Business Officer at Gary Community School Corporation and has been there for a year.

In Nathan’s first year at the corporation, he has taken a direct role with supporting their special education department. Gary has recently exited all special conditions for special education and raised their compliance score on the Results Driven Accountability from 55 to a 93 (out of a 100). Nathan is very, very pleased with that growth, as many of you know that it is not easy to move the needle in regards to special education.

Nathan feels called to work in a district like Gary. He believes that all children are deserving of high quality individuals that provide a solid educational experience for them, no matter their zip code, neighborhood, or city. He believes that Gary is on an upswing and feels honored to be a small part of it.

When asked what future goals and dreams he had for the corporation, Nathan responded, “We want to be the premier educational option for our city. Our goals align to improving the quality and types of programming for our students.”

Nathan enjoys spending time with his family. He has four children and another on the way! He is a huge Indiana Hoosiers basketball fan, but swallowed his pride to enroll at Purdue University for his PhD coursework for his Superintendent license. So, his children and schoolwork basically make up his spare time.

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