December Happenings

Cybersecurity Planning Team

Northern Indiana School Districts can join our Cybersecurity Planning Team that will work together to turn resources into action by using templates & resources provided by Purdue Cybersecurity Taskforce to meet liability insurance requirements, school board policy as well as state/federal guidelines.

Participate in monthly meetings where pre-assigned documents and templates are assigned for you to complete on behalf of your school district and discuss important cybersecurity topics.

Over time, each district participating will hope to have all documentation in place, plans for software/hardware requirements implementation, and resources available to decrease cybersecurity threats to their district.

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Group Purchase Opportunity:  SysCloud Backup 

Intelligent Cloud Backup for Google Workspace or Office 365

Ensure your district is safe! Backup all essential Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) or Microsoft 365 apps with Intelligent backup data insights to safeguard your district from ransomware, phishing, compliance risks, accidental deletions, user errors, insider threats, or even SaaS outages.  Visit our website for more information:

Gmail | Drive | Shared Drive | Calendar | Sites | Contacts

Backup Outlook | OneDrive | SharePoint | Teams | Exchange | People | OneNote | Planner | Stream | Whiteboard | Public Folders | Archived Mailbox

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Train Your Tech Staff with Stormwind!

Attend unlimited live classes from the comfort of your own office or watch the recordings anytime! Gain access to over 150+ Industry-standard courses with a 12-month license per user with our service center discounted pricing: $890 per user.

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Coming in January 2022

Google Workspace Level 1: Self-Paced Course

This course is designed for staff and administrators that missed out on Google Apps training and have been "just getting by" with what they know. A self-paced course allows participants to learn on their own schedule with materials organized in a 6 week structure, but could be done all in a single day!

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Google Workspace Level 2: Self-Paced Course

Build on what you know! Take the basics of your Google Apps and use add-ons and extensions to take your skills to the next level! 

Join us for a deep dive into Google Forms to gather data and automate processes based on responses. Great for HIPPA & FERPA requirements.

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Classroom Digital Tools: Self-Paced Course

Ready to learn how to use more digital tools in your classroom that increase student engagement, foster creativity and free up your time?  

Join this self-paced course to learn how to use 1 new tool a week for the K-12 Classroom.

Registration coming soon...
Tech Study Councils
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Network & Systems Administrators
Join our monthly virtual meetings of area network/systems admins to discuss supporting K-12 campuses large or small.  Work on challenges and solutions that fit your district with like-minded people all in one place.
Next Meeting: Dec. 9th @ 11am EST
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State Reporters
Calling all State Reporters to this newly formed study council that meets virtually every Tuesday morning to discuss the state reports due, error rectification and chat up those who use the same SIS.  Whether you are new to the position or have been around for years, this group has found most value in "I am not the only one who..." 
Next Meeting: Dec. 14 @ 9:30am EST
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Technology Directors
With over 50 school districts in Northern Indiana ESC's, we are excited to bring back Tech Director Meetings at our area schools.  Build relationships with tech leaders in area districts to discuss the important topics you face today!  Share resources, vendor references and more.

Next Meeting: Dec. 10 @ Concord Schools, Elkhart
9:30am EST
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Darlene Kennedy, Director of Technology Integration at Northern Indiana Educational Services Center is passionate about working with K-12 staff comfort with using digital tools and online apps that increase efficiency and impact education.  She provides in-person staff PD, virtual courses, and self-paced learning opportunities that are available to everyone or can be customized to a school district's needs.

She leads meetings for school tech directors, network administrators, and state reporters that create valuable networking opportunities, discussions, and purchasing opportunities to drive down pricing.

Darlene strongly believes that you don't need to know all the answers, you just need to know where to go to find them.


Phone: (574) 254-0111 ext 104


56535 Magnetic Drive
Mishawaka, IN 46545


Phone: (574) 254-0111