Executive Director Notes

As we have the opportunity to enjoy holiday treats, exchange gifts, and spend time with family, let us remember those students and families in our corporations who do not have these opportunities.  The endless hours of work you dedicate to our youth is a true blessing and makes a lasting impact. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Remember to take care of yourself over the holidays as this is a time to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Keep doing great things for kids!


Cooperative Purchasing


Food Service Procurement

The NWIESC Child Nutrition program helps school districts through the process of procuring food for their students. This includes providing product selection to meet nutritional regulations per USDA/IDOE guidelines, generating bids and RFPs, and administering vendor agreements to ensure districts are receiving correct items.


Our agreements are open to all ESC Members surrounding our region. By opening up our agreements to other ESC Members, we increase volume which in turn saves districts money!  Our agreements have a track record of successful reviews by the State Board of Accounts and NWIESC has been approved by the IDOE as a School Food Authority Cooperative. 
Our efficient and reliable bidding system guarantees our schools procure top quality products at the best market prices. Participating in Region 6 allows food service professionals to be more efficient with their time and provides regular networking and USDA Professional Development Credit toward their annual required hours. 
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Food Service

The Administrative Review is based on the two basic performance standards using the modules listed below. Scroll past the school listing for the Scope. 
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Student Coffee Shops
Everyone seems to love coffee and coffee
drinks. Coffee can be sold to high school students only due to caffeine restrictions for grades K-8.  All coffee drinks sold to students on the school's campus during the school day must also follow strict guidelines.
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Technology Integration

Google Workspace Level 1: Self-Paced Course

This course is designed for staff and administrators that missed out on Google Apps training and have been "just getting by" with what they know. A self-paced course allows participants to learn on their own schedule with materials organized in a 6 week structure, but could be done all in a single day!

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Google Workspace Level 2: Self-Paced Course

Build on what you know! Take the basics of your Google Apps and use add-ons and extensions to take your skills to the next level! 

Join us for a deep dive into Google Forms to gather data and automate processes based on responses. Great for HIPPA & FERPA requirements.

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Classroom Digital Tools: Self-Paced Course

Ready to learn how to use more digital tools in your classroom that increase student engagement, foster creativity and free up your time?  

Join this self-paced course to learn how to use 1 new tool a week for the K-12 Classroom.

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Professional Learning

Special Education Licensure Program

Do you have teachers on an Emergency Permit for SpEd? The U of I has started a program designed to address the state's shortage of SpEd teachers.  www.Indianaseal.org 

Updated Links

The IDOE continues to move many valuable resources from their website to www.InLearningLab.com. Update your staff with the latest links: Updated Curriculum Links

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Textbook Adoption

The adoption process for instruction and assessment is never easy. It is no longer about textbook adoption cycles that occur on a regular rotation basis. A larger process is in place with most districts as they work to align district goals, state test data, technology integration, shifts in pedagogy, and more with what is purchased. Having clarity at each step of the process is key.

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Member Spotlight

Debbie Snedden
Assistant Superintendent
Debbie has been with Hanover Community School Corporation for 8 years. She started as the Principal at Jane Ball Elementary and then moved to Hanover Central Middle School. After 5 years of being a Principal, she took her current position as Assistant Superintendent.

In the last year, Debbie has been working on the development of district- wide intervention programming. It started in the middle school and it is her hope to extend it next year. The program is matched with elementary programming to ensure that elementary and middle school programming is consistent. She shared that it is still a work in progress, much more so in the aftermath of COVID. However, they have looked at how to utilize the data to drive instruction and align it within the classroom as well as during designated interventions times.

Debbie’s dream for Hanover is to meet the needs of all students by expanding their programming to meet individual student needs. She would like to see more CTE courses to expose students to the various career opportunities so that they can make post-graduate choices more informed and based on their individual passion.

When asked what Debbie finds the most rewarding about her job, she shared, “Seeing the accomplishments of students. I was the elementary and middle school principal for many of our high school kids, so seeing how they have matured and prepared for their future is incredibly fulfilling.”

In her spare time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her husband, seven kids, and their families. She is also working on finishing her doctorate from ISU.   


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