Professional Learning - The IN Learning Lab is one of my new favorite things! - To help raise awareness of the state's newest support site,, click the button link below. The information is presented in a format you can copy and paste into your own email or newsletter to support your staff.

Resource Selection Process - The adoption process for instruction and assessment has many moving pieces and is never easy. It is no longer about textbook adoption cycles that occur on a regular rotation basis. A more extensive process is in place as districts align district goals, state test data, technology integration, shifts in pedagogy, and more with what is purchased. Having clarity for each role and at each step of the process is vital. 

There is no one tool or process to guide schools in their selection process. The button below links to a growing resource to support leaders and their teams. The resources are intended for schools to edit, add logos and contact information, and personalize to meet their needs.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Process

'Tis The Season for Updated Links - As mentioned above, the IDOE has moved many valuable resources from their website to This process has resulted in many curriculum documents having broken links in the documents your staff use. Support your staff by letting them know where the links are located and providing the new links as needed.

A word of caution - The Updated Links document accessed through the button below has many links and can be overwhelming if shared as-is. Curriculum leaders will want to analyze link by link to determine which links best support their staff. Not sure which resources to share? Want someone to walk with you through the document to get a clearer vision of how they all work together? Email or call me.  574-214-8981

Updated Links

The Science of Reading - Changes to the Science of Reading Draft - Dr. Jenner document are currently underway based on feedback received and will be released soon. (Grewe Condensed Version of Jenner's Draft) We now know more information on coaching and the application process for schools will be available in January, with the intent to start implementation in the 2022-23 school year. This will be a rolling start for Indiana using a "coalition of the willing", with plans to build a sustainable model by showing success for 2 years with a small cohort of districts. The IDOE has also emphasized they are building relationships with teacher training programs as a priority to ensure teachers are being trained in the Science of Reading.  

So what do educational leaders do now? 1. Educate ourselves on the Science of Reading, and 2.  identify and support with shared resources those on our team who will lead future discussions and plans. Two buttons below provide you with supports.

What is the Science of Reading?
Science of Reading Resources

More From My New Favorites - I end with some new favorites, which happen to come from Those who know me know I geek out on curriculum, standards, resources, DOK, and all that fun stuff. A peer, Jennifer Ross, connected me with this collection of resources that unpacks ELA standards K-8 for educators to identify the subtle shifts by grade. Free, easy to access, Indiana specific support for schools to vertically align ELA curriculum.

Unpack ELA Standards
Dr. Michelle Grewe
Director of Professional Learning @ NIESC and NWIESC