Executive Director Notes

The book GRIT by Angela Duckworth has many life lessons about the power of passion and perseverance. This school year has been full of examples of passion and perseverance! All of you have shown grit. To show grit is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To show grit is to hold true to a purposeful goal. To show grit is to support your peers. To show grit is to invest in each student day after day. To show grit is to fall down nine times and get up ten times. KEEP YOUR GRIT! KEEP YOUR PASSION TO IMPACT OUR YOUTH. KEEP PERSEVERING. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Cooperative Purchasing

Amazon is coming to K12Indiana/Spendbridge!! 
If your district is looking to continue to streamline your purchasing, you will soon have access to Amazon through our K12Indiana/Spendbridge Online Purchasing Platform!  By utilizing this Amazon account, you not only have the benefit of quick and efficient shopping and delivery, but the added bonus of having the support of your ESC behind you!  We will be your "go to" for billing issues, delivery, or product issues!  With our 20+ years of servicing contracts behind you, how can you go wrong utilizing our Amazon contract?
Contact Lisa Abell with any questions! 

Food Service

It's time to start thinking about summer foodservice options! Be sure you complete the appropriate training.  For more information and to be sure your program meet the state requirements, visit the IDOE Site below or contact us with questions!

IDOE Summer Food Service Program Webpage
Cafeteria Staff Day Out 2022
SAVE THE DATE! July 29, 2022 will be the date of our annual "Cafeteria Staff Day Out!"  Jon Colby, will be our keynote presenter extraordinaire!  Our session will be titled: “Yes, and…” Improving Communication and Leadership Through Improv.
Watch our newsletter for the location and more details coming soon!! 

Technology Integration

Zoom VOIP, Conference Rooms, and Digital Signage at ESC Pricing

April 20, 2022 @ 11am EST / 10am CST
Zoom Phone has been saving Indiana districts an average of $60 per employee over the course of a year by switching to their VOIP phone system.
Click here to register for the FREE event
Partnership Preview: Learn Platform
Using Evidence to Build Efficiency in your EdTech Ecosystem
April 26th @ 10:30am EST / 9:30am CST
  • Uncover what digital learning resources are in use across their district to identify trends, eliminate redundancies and understand ROI.
  • Generate the evidence necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of which edtech tools are actually improving student outcomes, for which student groups, and under what conditions

ESC Members receive special discounted pricing through the ESC of I Partnership efforts

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Level 1: Amplified Admin Certified Bootcamp
Learn more...
Level 2: Amplified Admin Certified Bootcamp
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IDOE Digital Learning
Summer of Learning
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Professional Learning

Examining ILEARN Data 
A live, virtual presentation and support opportunity with Dr. Michelle Grewe for anyone who works with school-wide and corporation-wide ILEARN data (superintendents, principals, curriculum and assessment directors, instructional coaches).
June 2nd from 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST and June 3rd from 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST
Cost: $60 (FREE for GEER School Districts)

*Participants will learn about ILEARN scoring: PLDs, Cut Scores, Quantiles, Lexiles, writing scores, and more. (What are they, where are they, and how can they be used?)
*Participants will explore the Online Score Reporting site: How to find your way around the site and who has access to what information.
*Participants will sort through the types of reports: Individual Student Reports VS Standards-Level Reports VS Aggregate Level Reports. (What are they? What information is included? Where are they? How can they be used?)
*Next Steps: Learn how blueprints, item specifications, PLDs, other data sources that correlate with the test can help you plan for future options.

You are super busy, so let this workshop guide you through the many options so
you can work efficiently and effectively.
Examining ILEARN Data
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Member Spotlight

Jeff Brooks
Jeff Brooks is the Superintendent at MSD of Boone Township in Hebron, Indiana. He started there in 2013 as the Principal of Hebron Middle School and then in 2020 he transitioned into his current role as Superintendent.

Despite dealing with the impacts of Covid-19, Jeff and his team at MSD of Boone have been able to accomplish some great projects. They were able to open up their Little Hawks Academy Preschool this year and offer several full day and half-day programs for children ages 3-5. They are looking to expand the preschool for next year by adding a full week program for 4 years olds and they will be able to offer financial assistance to families who qualify.

This past fall, a great deal of time and effort was directed toward the renewal of their district operating referendum. This was an effort by so many school stakeholders and Jeff is very thankful that the community supported the effort by a 2-1 margin.

Jeff's dream for the corporation is growth. With a couple new subdivisions being designed, he is excited to see the school corporation grow again. He wants to see Hebron be a school district that people find inviting and where all students have many opportunities to shine!

When we asked Jeff what he found most rewarding about his job, he shared, “Since Hebron is a smaller district, it is easy to get to know people.  The people who work at the MSD of Boone Township are focused on kids and doing what is best for the students who attend Hebron. I enjoy getting to interact with all of our students and staff in all three buildings.”

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family. His wife, Brooke, and two boys, Brenden (11) and Bryce (7) keep him busy! He also enjoys coaching baseball with a great group of boys, the Valpo Stars, as well as attending Cubs games and relaxing by the pool.

Northwest Indiana Education Service Center
56535 Magnetic Drive
Mishawaka, IN 46545

219-926-5555 | nwiesc.k12.in.us/